The Brothers Sun; Justin Chien Biography, Wikipedia, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Age, Movies and Tv Shows

Who is Justin Chien? Justin Chien, a renowned American actor, has garnered recognition for his performances in diverse films and television series.

According to IMDb, some of his noteworthy works are “Continuum” (2018), “Fine China” (2020), and “Endless Yesterdays” (2021).

Justin Chien had a unique opportunity to work alongside his mother, Ginny Hu Chien, in the production “The Brothers Sun.”

In addition to his acting profession, Justin Chien has spent ten years devoted to honing his skills in Muay Thai boxing and has recently achieved the rank of blue belt in jiujitsu.

Last summer, he demonstrated his dedication to martial arts by competing in a tournament.

Meanwhile, he is widely recognized for his work in the movies Continuum (2018), Fine China (2020), and Endless Yesterday (2021).

Likewise, Justin has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his versatile performances.

Moreover, with the recent appearances of Justin Chien in the Netflix series The Brothers Sun, fans have shown interest in his Wikipedia.

Justin Chien Wikipedia: Biography, Age And Nationality

Justin Chien was born in 1997 in Taiwan, Republic of China. He is currently 27 years old.

He moved to the United States with his family very young and grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Justin grew up in a wealthy and prominent family; his father was the CEO of JPMorgan in Taiwan, and his mother, Virginia Hu, was a businessman.

Meanwhile, his grandfather, Frederick, is a retired Taiwanese diplomat and politician, and his great-grandfather, S.L Chien, founded two research centers in Taiwan.

Justin Chien captured during his theater performance.

Raised in Los Angeles, Justin has three siblings, Darren, Christen, and Fred Chien.

Even though he holds US citizenship, Justin is Chinese from nationality and currently lives in the United States.

Furthermore, talking about his academics, Justin attended a high school in Los Angeles.

Alongside his studies, he participated in various dramas and theater activities from a very young age.

Later, he graduated from the University of Southern California with a film and television production degree.

Justin also studied acting at the Groundlings School and the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Nevertheless, his early involvement in acting and academics came in handy for his future career.

Details On Justin Chien’s Film Career And Net Worth

After completing his studies, Justin Chien began his career in the entertainment industry in 2015 with a short film, Minolta.

Later, he appeared in numerous short films, including Cyclist, Consent, Reverallium, Number 2, and many more.

Alongside his acting career, Justin Chien debuted in film writing and production with a short film, Continuum, in 2018, which is noteworthy in his Wikipedia.

The film got a good response and was nominated for the Best Short Film award at the Chinese American Film Festival.

Justin Chien captured in front of his van holding a mug.
Justin Chien captured in front of his van holding a mug.

His other writing credits include Fine China (2020) and Endless Yesterdays (2021).

Eventually, after countless auditions, he landed his first television role in the 2021 series Two Sides: Unfaithful, where he appeared as Mikey.

Meanwhile, he also appeared in a feature film, Sun Moon, a martial arts action movie where he played the role of Horace.

Further, in 2024, he landed his breakthrough role as Charles Sun in the Netflix series The Brothers Sun.

Moreover, his role as Charles Sun gained worldwide recognition and became a major successor to his career.

As for his net Worth, Justin Chien has a worth of around $1 million, according to some sources, which might still increase thanks to his blossoming career.

Justin’s Role In Netflix The Brothers Sun

The TV series created by Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk, The Brothers Sun, premiered on January 4, 2024, on Netflix.

The Brothers Sun is a black comedy action series that presents the lives of a Taiwanese-American criminal underworld family.

In the series, Justin appears as the eldest son of Eileen Sun, an influential gang leader portrayed by Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh.

The poster of The Brother's Sun.
The Brothers Sun has received good reviews from all over the world. (Source: Instagram)

He is a trained killer and protects his mother and naive brother Bruce (Sam Song Li), from their enemies.

Moreover, the series is a treat, filled with comedy scenes and exciting plots, with great performances from the cast.

And let’s hope Wikipedia will soon dedicate a page for Justin Chien following his noteworthy performance.

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