Parrish Geary Car Accident, Sacramento California, CA Involved in Community College District Car Accident

We gather today to commemorate and pay tribute to Parrish Geary, the esteemed Dean of Student Services, Admission & Transition at Los Rios Community College District, who regrettably perished in a vehicular collision.

As we come to terms with the sudden and sad news of his early passing, we honor the extraordinary impact of a man who devoted his life to serving, showing empathy, and promoting the welfare of others. Parrish Geary, a Sacramento, California native, profoundly impacted numerous persons in both the community and the field of education. The abrupt demise of this individual has created an emptiness that will be profoundly experienced by his relatives, acquaintances, coworkers, and the numerous pupils whose lives he impacted.

Parrish, driven by a strong desire to create a beneficial influence, devoted more than ten years of his life to the California community college system, creating a lasting impression on the institutions he worked for. During his time at American River College (ARC) from 2016 until his current transition to El Camino College, he shown a strong dedication to promoting student achievement and cultivating a cohesive community.

President Cardoza of American River College conveyed the shared sorrow, emphasizing, “This unforeseen calamity prompts us to contemplate the significance of our loved ones, companions, and associates, and serves as a reminder to support one another.” Parrish’s departure creates an absence, not just in the professional sphere, but also in the emotional lives of individuals who had a personal connection with him.

Parrish Geary beyond the role of a mere professional colleague; he exemplified a radiant optimism, personifying the concept of “community” in every facet of his existence. His contagious humor, unrelenting positivity, and genuine commitment to helping others endeared him to many. His colleagues and acquaintances were attracted to his attentive listening, proficient communication, and his inherent talent for establishing personal connections with others.

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