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Joycelyn Wade Bio

Who is Joycelyn Wade?

Joycelyn Wade, born on June 25, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia, has achieved notable success as a wine consultant, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is widely acknowledged as the ex-spouse of Hollywood actor and producer Nathan Wade. Her life is characterized by personal achievements, strong family connections, and a dedication to creating a beneficial influence on society.

Joycelyn Wade Biography

Date of Birth: June 25, 1974
Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia
The user’s age is 49.
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Racial or cultural backgroundAfrican American refers to individuals of African descent who are citizens or residents of the United States.United States FaithUnidentified
Acquiring knowledge and skills through formal learning processes.Emory University, where the user studied English literature, in the year 1996.
ProfessionProfessional specializing in advising on wine, somebody who starts and manages businesses, and person who promotes the welfare of others through charitable activities
Former spouse: Nathan Wade
Kaitlyn Wade and Nathan Wade III are the children.
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters).
Mass: 53 kilograms (117 pounds)
The individual’s eye color is brown.
Body measurements: 34-32-35 inches (86-81-89 cm).
Skin Color: Fair Hair Color: Blonde
Footwear Size: 8 (United States)
Year of Marriage: 2008
Year of divorce: 2020 Estimated net worth: $5 million

“Joycelyn Wade”. Background and Academic Training

Joycelyn was raised in a middle-class household by her parents, James and Patricia Wade. She had a younger brother named Jason, who eventually pursued a career in law. Her early enthusiasm for arts and literature prompted her to enroll in Emory University, where she obtained a degree in English literature in 1996.

Education: Emory University, where I studied English literature and graduated in 1996.
The topic of discussion is the family and children of Joycelyn Wade.
Joycelyn’s family continues to be a fundamental and essential part of her life. She maintains a strong and intimate relationship with her parents and brother, highlighting the significance of familial assistance. Her union with Nathan Wade resulted in the birth of two offspring, Kaitlyn and Nathan III, both of whom have subsequently gone on their individual paths. Kaitlyn is currently pursuing a degree in political science at Harvard University, while Nathan III is thriving in both academic and athletic endeavors at Brentwood School.

Former spouse: Nathan Wade

The children are named Kaitlyn Wade and Nathan Wade III.
Joycelyn Wade Personal Information: Age, astrological sign, and physical characteristics
Joycelyn, who is currently 49 years old, commemorates her birthday on June 25th, exhibiting the characteristics associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, such as being affectionate, caring, and devoted. She has a height of 5’8″ and a weight of 117 pounds. Her complexion is fair, with blonde hair and brown eyes. She possesses attractive physical features and demonstrates a strong commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

The individual’s age is 49.
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters)
Mass: 53 kilograms (117 pounds)
The individual’s eye color is brown.
Anthropometric MeasurementsThe measurements are 34 inches for the bust, 32 inches for the waist, and 35 inches for the hips.
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Blonde
Footwear Size: 8 (United States)

Joycelyn Wade Romantic relationships and the legal union of two individuals

Joycelyn encountered Nathan Wade in 2004 while employed as an editor in New York. Their romantic tale transpired amidst the setting of Nathan’s burgeoning Hollywood profession, culminating in an extravagant wedding in Malibu in 2008. They were a formidable partnership over a span of 12 years, providing unwavering support to one other’s pursuits. Joycelyn assumed a crucial position in Nathan’s highly praised film, “The Lost Son,” and embarked on a new business endeavor in the wine sector with her company, Pure Vines Fresh Wines.

Joycelyn Wade’s Legal Disputes and Marital Dissolution

The opulence and allure of Hollywood failed to protect their marriage from the pressures of gossip. In 2019, accusations of Nathan’s unfaithfulness emerged, finally resulting in their marital dissolution in 2020. Joycelyn obtained sole custody of their children, a significant alimony of $50 million, and a share in Nathan’s production firm as part of the intricate divorce deal.

“Joycelyn Wade”. Legal summons and dispute

Joycelyn’s life took an unexpected legal turn when she issued a subpoena to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis during their divorce dispute. The motion claimed an inappropriate association between Willis and Nathan Wade, with allegations of benefiting from the Trump prosecution. Willis and Nathan Wade adamantly refuted the accusations, categorizing them as unfounded and desperate ploys to divert attention from the ongoing legal issues.

The user’s text is “Joycelyn Wade”. Joycelyn Wade’s career encompasses her role as a wine consultant and philanthropist, extending beyond her personal life. She has established herself as a prosperous wine consultant, serving as the creator and CEO of Pure Vines Fresh Wines. The business provides customized suggestions, samplings, gatherings, and informative materials, appealing to a wide range of customers, including famous individuals and companies.

Joycelyn is not satisfied with her own achievements; she is a committed philanthropist. The primary objective of her charity, The Joycelyn Wade charity, is to provide scholarships, books, and resources to kids and schools that are economically disadvantaged. Joycelyn is a fervent proponent of education, literacy, women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, and animal welfare, and she actively lends her support to these causes.

Joycelyn Wade’s Accomplishments and Honors

Joycelyn’s contributions have been duly acknowledged. She has been honored with multiple accolades, such as the Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Award, Forbes Women of the Year Award, and the Emory University Distinguished Alumni Award. Published in 2020, her book titled “The Joy of Wine: A Guide to Discovering and Enjoying Wine” achieved bestseller status.

“Joycelyn Wade” Wealth

Joycelyn Wade has an approximate net worth of $5 million. This amount not only represents her financial prosperity in the wine sector, but also displays her dedication to philanthropy.

Estimated net worth: $5 million

Joycelyn Wade Online profiles on various social media platforms

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In conclusion

Joycelyn Wade’s life is characterized by a rich combination of achievements, difficulties, and an unwavering dedication to creating a beneficial influence on the world. From her first aspirations of being a writer to successfully navigating the intricacies of Hollywood and philanthropy, she serves as a living example of resilience, persistence, and the lasting influence of personal development. Joycelyn’s ongoing journey serves as a source of inspiration for several individuals, demonstrating the diverse and fulfilling aspects of a successful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joycelyn Wade is an individual whose identity or background is being inquired about.
Joycelyn Wade is a wine consultant, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, primarily recognized as the former spouse of Hollywood actor and producer Nathan Wade.

What is Joycelyn Wade’s age?

Joycelyn Wade’s age is 49.

What was the duration of Joycelyn and Nathan Wade’s marriage?

Joycelyn and Nathan were married for a duration of 12 years prior to their divorce in the year 2020.

What is the number of offspring that Joycelyn Wade has?

Joycelyn is the mother of two children, Kaitlyn and Nathan III, whom she shares with Nathan Wade.

What was the date of Joycelyn and Nathan Wade’s divorce?

Joycelyn and Nathan Wade finalized their divorce in the year 2020.

What is the total value of Joycelyn Wade’s assets and liabilities?

Joycelyn Wade has an approximate net worth of $5 million.

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