Who is Papo Mejia? Bio, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Drug Lord Griselda Blanco’s Rival, And Relationship

Who is Papo Mejia? Bio, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Drug Lord Griselda Blanco’s Rival, And Relationship

Papo Mejia Biography

The internationally acclaimed television series “Griselda,” based on the notorious drug cartel leader Griselda Blanco, has captivated viewers worldwide. As viewers reflect about her former competitor Papo Mejia, a growing number of individuals are currently seeking information about him on Wikipedia.

Papo Mejia played a pivotal role in the illicit drug industry in Miami during the early 1980s.

He is renowned for his fierce competition with Griselda Blanco, who aspired to become the matriarch of Miami’s drug trade.

In addition, Papo, as a competitor in the drug trade, made every effort to dismantle Griselda’s illegal organization.

Nevertheless, Griselda responded to Papo’s threats by specifically attacking his family.

Moreover, he acquired a notoriety as a merciless assassin, instigating violence in the streets of Miami and depositing a multitude of corpses in the waterways of South Florida.

According to The Mammoth Book of Gangs, Papo issued a directive to have Griselda eliminated from the Miami drug scene.

During the peak of their conflict, a man named Miguel Perez, who was purportedly dispatched by Griselda, inflicted many stab wounds on Papo.

The recent debut of the Griselda series has garnered considerable acclaim, with individuals eagerly seeking information about Blanco’s adversary, Papo Mejia, by conducting searches on Wikipedia.

Papo Mejia Wikipedia: Conflict with Drug Lord Griselda Blanco

The current surge in netizens’ fascination with the Blancos and Papo Mejia rivalry has resulted in a notable upswing in Wikipedia searches.

Although Papo Mejia has received much attention and recognition, he does not have a dedicated Wikipedia article.

Nevertheless, this article offers comprehensive insights about Papo Mejia and his antagonistic relationship with Blanco, with the purpose of prospective inclusion on Wikipedia at a later date.

Papo and Griselda played pivotal roles in the Miami drug conflicts throughout the early 1980s.

Furthermore, their animosity intensified greatly when Griselda began specifically attacking Papo’s family.

As stated in The Mammoth Book of Gangs, three individuals from Griselda’s gang fatally shot Papo’s father at a shopping mall in Miami.

This episode was seen as a pivotal event that intensified the Cocaine Cowboy Wars in the early 1980s.

Subsequently, Papo resorted to a harsh measure by ordering a contract killing on Griselda in order to eliminate her from the Miami drug scene.

In addition, Papo, along with two other individuals involved in drug trafficking, formed an alliance with the intention of eliminating Blanco. They proposed a sum of $300,000 as compensation for carrying out her assassination.

Simultaneously, it is alleged that Griselda dispatched her most skilled contract killer, Jorge Ayala-Rivera, with the intention of eliminating Papo.

Blanco’s criminal organization encountered Mejia in Las Palmas, a region situated in the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia, during the latter part of August 1982.

Subsequently, Blanco’s offspring, Osvaldo, and Ayala pursued him to a drinking establishment, where they launched a grenade at him and inflicted a gunshot wound to his leg.

During the peak of the conflict between Papo and Griselda, he was repeatedly stabbed by an individual named Miguel Perez.

In addition, Miguel repeatedly raised the elongated blade seven times, forcefully plunging it into Papo’s neck, chest, and abdomen.

Chronology of Events: Arrest, Release, and Demise of Papo Mejia as Documented in Wikipedia

Papo Mejia, following his survival of Miguel’s assault, became the focal point of the DEA’s Operation Hun, which was spearheaded by former agent Michael Levine.

The cocaine Enforcement Administration (DEA) gained entry into Papo’s extensive cocaine network by leveraging the cooperation of Sonia Sanjinez De Atala, a Bolivian trafficker seeking protection.

Following the indictment, Papo became a fugitive, fleeing from the DEA as he sought refuge in Colombia, successfully eluding law enforcement.

After a period of five months, Papo appeared in court for trial in Tucson, Arizona.

During the trial, Levine gave testimony against Papo, presenting important evidence. As a result, Papo Mejia was sentenced to a thirty-year prison term.

In addition, his legal representatives successfully obtained Papo’s release from prison in March 2000.

After Papo was released from prison, there were rumors stating that he died in a car accident.

Martha Soto’s 2013 biography “La Viuda Negra” indicated that Papo resided in Colombia, as per the accounts.

Subsequently, Papo has intentionally opted to stay away from public attention.

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