Who Is Celena Morrison? Wikipedia, Husband, LGBTQ Rights Advocate, Career And Net Worth

Who Is Celena Morrison? Wikipedia, Husband, LGBTQ Rights Advocate, Career And Net Worth

Celena Morrison, an advocate for LGBTQ rights, and her husband, Darius McLean, have gained widespread attention on the Internet due to a viral video of their arrest, sparking curiosity among viewers.

Celena Morrison holds the position of executive director at the Office of LGBTQ Affairs in Philadelphia.

She gained fame for becoming the inaugural transgender individual to head a city agency in the United States.

Over time, she has garnered significant popularity and backing from the transgender community for her achievements.

Celena has made significant contributions to the community by offering information, assistance, and lobbying for transgender rights.

Celena Morrison is currently making headlines due to a viral video of her incarceration, rather than her positive actions.

The viral arrest video of Celena Morrison and her husband sparks inquiries into potential racial profiling.

A video capturing the arrest of Celena Morrison and her husband gains widespread popularity on the internet.

A Pennsylvania State trooper stops the Grey Infinity automobile driven by Celena Morrison in the video.

The police trooper stated that he stopped her for many traffic offenses.

During the dispute between the state trooper and Celena Morrison, another automobile arrived and parked behind them.

The vehicle was a green Dodge, with Darius McLean, Celena Morrison’s husband, inside.

The incident occurred on the Vine Street Expressway in Pennsylvania.

Celena Morrison addresses the traffic infringement with the police trooper as Darius McLean also participates in the discussion in the video.

Darius McLean engages in a dispute with the police on the entire affair.

The scenario deteriorates as the state trooper looms over him.

Darius McLean informs the trooper,

Kindly cease your actions; it is due to my race.

The officer responds, “Your race is not the reason.”

Darius McLean remains unconvinced that the situation is solely due to the driving violations.

While the state trooper is dealing with Darius McLean, his wife, Celena Morrison, attempts to persuade the police to release her husband.

Nevertheless, it fails, and the state trooper instructs her to make a U-turn.

Public outcry ensues with the release of Celena Morrison and Darius McLean’s arrest video, prompting an investigation.

The camera appears to drop and capture only the discussions.

In the famous arrest video, Darius McLean can be heard instructing his wife, Celena Morrison, to cease her attempts at de-escalation.

Celena Morrison also states,

It is acceptable. It is due to their lack of knowledge about our identity.

Subsequently, the police officer proceeds to apprehend both Celena Morrison and Darius McLean, an event that was also recorded in the video.

Following the arrest, Celena Morrison’s sister published the footage on the Internet.

It became popular online, prompting numerous individuals to scrutinize the entire scenario.

This situation has once again highlighted police conduct.

Online commentators argue that a state trooper should not treat any individual in that manner.

The district attorney’s office will conduct a comprehensive inquiry.

District Attorney Larry Krasner stated that charges will not be filed until the inquiry is finished.

Law enforcement is seeking public support and inquiring about any evidence or photographs.

The mayor of Philadelphia has not issued any statements at this time.

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